The Builder

The Builder

Ventura DevelopmentsThe Ventura Group of companies is one of the largest and most active residential development companies in the Province of Manitoba.

Ventura Developments is the condominium development arm of the Ventura Group of Companies, which includes Ventura Custom Homes Ltd. & Ventura Land Company Inc. Ventura Developments Inc. focuses on the development of urban infill condominiums in mature communities and new green field development in new communities.

Ventura Developments takes pride in designing housing developments that are held to a higher standard. By introducing custom quality features, products and specifications within a larger scale project, Ventura is able to pass on savings to the consumer while providing a much higher quality end product to the homeowner. A careful amount of time, consideration and negotiation goes into the base specifications for all the projects undertaken by Ventura Developments, ensuring custom quality features, products and specifications are delivered at an affordable price to our purchasers. We aim to ensure that the time we put into planning our projects results in a better built environment for you, your family and the re-sale value of your home!

All projects undertaken by Ventura Developments are backed by a comprehensive warranty program delivered by the industry leading firm – Blanket New Home Warranty. On top of this comprehensive warranty package, Ventura Developments is known for the after sales service that many builders cannot replicate. We value our customers and will treat your home as though it was our very own!

The Ventura Group of Companies specializes in land acquisition, planning, development and management for the purposes of residential construction and has undertaken the construction of well over 1,000 housing units and more than 500 acres of land. Having another 1,000 acres of developable land under management, and as one of the largest new home builders in the Province, Ventura is poised to continue to be an active builder in Manitoba for years to come.

With over 30 years of experience developing residential housing projects, the Ventura Group of Companies has the breadth and knowledge to successfully complete projects for their customers.



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